New Music Releases

This week has been another great week of music releases in a wide variety of genres.

In the rap world, big name artist J. Cole released a new single track. With high hopes for the release of his highly anticipated album, titled Miss America, J. Cole gave fans a sneak preview releasing the first track of what will be his next album, in attempts to keep his antsy fan base content.

Rap artist Curren$y released a new song two days ago, featuring up and coming artist Young Roddy. The track is titled is Ex-girls and stays true to his hip-hop roots.

A substantial amount of speculation has surfaced lately about a collaboration between artist ASAP Rocky and Big Boi, ex-member of Outkast. Fans will be pleased to know that the talk is over and a track has finally been released. The song also features indie duo Phantogram in an unlikely combination of musical brilliance. The tune, titled Lines, will be featured on Big Boi’s upcoming album, Vicious Lines and Dangerous Rumors, which is set to debut on December 11.

On the other side of the spectrum, electronic group Little Dragon released a new song titled (Sunshine-Shlomo Remix). Though it is a remix, it is a fresh take on a previously released song. Available on sound cloud, the new tune reached the maximum number of free downloads in just three hours.

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